Install R2V (Able Software) in Linux (ubuntu 10.04)

Sometimes we need to digitize a large number of scanned maps. There are a few commercial programs which can help this process in windows. However, I don’t know if there are for Linux. A few years ago I tried to use r2v in Windows. It is a simple program for vectorizing scanned maps. I tried to install it in Ubuntu 10.04. I was surprised to see that it was installed with no problems and when I opened it worked perfectly. I don’t know if it works for everything but it seems to apply for the the most common uses. Above you can see the procedure of the installation.

First we need to download or buy the program R2V. There is a trial which is enough for our demo.

Install R2v

After you have downloaded the program right click .exe file and run it with wine (I use wine 1.2.2)

The installation procedure ends up with either “Accept” or “Next” button. When the installation is finished, a shortcut will appear on your desktop.

Double click and R2V is here…



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